Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Jungle Red

 And this blog had been revived from its coma... I've been very committed on hiding inside my slumber rock this past sem break that I haven't been able to update my blog. But to make it up to you guys, I'm giving you one fiery blogpost, chos!
 This girl is on fire, you know! Kidding aside and on to a more serious "Joyce Mode" (I'm telling you it's hard to keep it that way, lol!) I think my style is now starting to evolve into a more mature-ish manner, unlike before when I would pile and pile on the colors just to appease my fashion crave.

  I'm now sticking onto monochromatic looks or the basic colors that I think has more taste than my previous rainbow-vomit outfits. But if you love me more in those kind of fashion, then you should not fret because every now and then I would still be donning those looks. I just can't help but feel cutie-patootie at times, not to mention my slowly unleashing fancy on K-Pop fashion.

 So to speak about my outfit for this post, this has actually a cute story as what I feel it is. My besties and I had a out of the blue photoshoot and we didn't expect that we would wear something with a touch of red- okay mine is all bloody red! Just goes to show that great minds think alike haha! I was even luckier that the location fit my look because I didn't know that we would shoot at a abandoned cargo box.

 I'm thinking of collecting blazers and shorts in all colors now, i'm in love with this kind of look! Add a little details of accessories and voila you look instantly chic.

So that's it for now, i'm leaving you with wonder with my next post, is it gonna be color-me-pretty look or the classic version of me? Ciao bellas!

Photo Credit to Kaye and Theo

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