Thursday, January 1, 2015

Fresh Anew

It's now 2015! Happy New Year to all of you! Let's all start writing the 365 pages of our own books and make it a best-seller one. 
The past year had been such a blur of great and blessed events that happened in my life and I hope it will continue and I would be luckier this year. But to start it right I'll be making some resolutions, one of that is to be active in my SNS more and of course update this blog habitually because honestly I've been kind of bad with time management. Next is to make more time and effort with my friends and family. There are many more in my list and I will be giving my best to accomplish it.

P.S. I'll be obliging my first resolution for sure because I've got lots of posts to do here from my recent trip to Bacolod. So please do me a favor and be patient as I give you the rundown of my adventures! :)

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