Tuesday, December 2, 2014


So three-fourth of my outfit today is very sophisticated and glam- until you look down at my shoes and you'll say, what the heck just came in her mind? 

Why am I sporting brogues when I wear such a feminine outfit? Because it's a dressy brogues! Yup, pun intended. It's just one of my hashtag experimental days you know, where I wear something very unmatched at first glance until you realize that hey, it actually works or you just accept the fact that it's how my creative juices run har har!

But one of the main reason why I luuurve pairing comfy shoes with anything under the sun is because my feet can't tolerate too much pain caused by heels. If I could only wear sneakers or bulky rubber shoes I would but the fear of being caught by our school disciplinarians are not welcome, so thanks but no thanks, boohoo! :( How stylish and korean-esque it would be walking around with that number, sigh...

Anyways, this is a breath of fresh air from my usual monochromatic looks or should I say a come back to the old floral-loving me again? Either ways, love it or lump it I'll be forever unpredictable with my style choices so you will have something to look forward to, wink!

top by The Show Room, skirt by Zara, shoes by Heart and Sole

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