Saturday, January 17, 2015


This unconventional bridge made out of bundled bamboos is not easy to walk on, trust me but there's a certain charm and poignancy that it holds which I think is coming from its being native and it shows the real life of people living in the outskirts of the province. It's actually just a mere part of the whole challenging way to reach the streets and it is more difficult to trek there at night. I pass there almost everyday during my stay at Negros and it's quite tiresome but experience-wise I can say it's fun and refreshing. A change to a modern everything we have back at the city. I even encountered in Bicol a bamboo bridge with only two bamboos sticked together with no bamboo rail to hold onto so I guess I'm luckier this time haha!

If it's summer the pond tends to get dry enabling us to walk at the once seeped land but since we went there mid-December which means rainy season we expected this scenario. The little bonus we had during at least 5 minutes enduring journey- that is if you're a resident/pro is the added dramatic effect of the moss and leaves formation that surfaces the murky water which made the place looked more wild and eccentric.

About my outfit, I wore this flowy and lacy dress because I think it fits the whimsical character of the location. Actually I'm supposed to wear this to the beach but since the short time we had won't permit us I just wore this so that I can wear all the clothes I bought with me. I also want to take advantage of having many blogger outfit shots as much as possible aside from the benefit of seeing new places when travelling, it's like hitting two birds with one stone, eh?

A tip I can share with you guys about when travelling is that clothes need "itinerary" too, you know! It's good to know your pegs ahead and create an entire outfit for every day you will spend and every places you are going to visit. It also makes packing less hassle and baggy since you are sure of what only to bring. It saves you from stress of rush prepping up and deciding what to wear which is unavoidable sometimes.

I also always prepare at least two or three outfits or extra items aside from the planned ones. I do this whenever I travel since it comes handy in case of fashion emergencies. Lastly, keep this in mind travel light and go back home heavy... with pasalubongs!

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