Thursday, January 29, 2015

Gem from the Ashes

We had now come to an end of my Negros Occidental journey for 2014 but I will leave you with my most favorite part of the trip. If you answered The Ruins to my question in my last post then you guessed it right!

The Ruins is the perfect location for pictorials like prenups, other events, and even for blog backdrops haha! But more than the impeccable beauty of the place, the stirring story behind it is what makes The Talisay Ruins  worth visiting for. Did I mention that it is certified by TripAdvisor 2014 for becoming such a tourist destination in Negros Occidental.

Let me give you a short history background about it. The wealthy sugar baron Don Mariano Ledesma Lacson built the mansion  for  his beloved portuguese wife, Maria Braga. The Mansion is inspired from grand italian architecture and filled with imported luxurious furnitures that resembles the rich European and Asian culture. The mansion was surrounded by garden that blooms flowers courtesy by the Lacsons' daughter.Then the family hired a japanese gardener to take care of the garden but disappeared just before the war between the Filipinos and Japanese started. The gardener was later discovered to be an informant to the Japanese Military so when the World War 2 burst forth, Don Mariano asked the guerillas to burn down the mansion. He said that what happened to the mansion is better than to be a Japanese occupation area. But other stories entails that the baron burned the mansion to ashes after losing his mind because of the death of his cherished wife. Romantic eh?

What is left to the once baronial mansion is the magnificent concrete structure that many tourists adore these days. I want to see The ruins on its past glorious form but if there is no plan of restoring it, still it is something to behold to.

Again we are so early that when we started to leave that is when the tour guide only started, I heard that he is funny so the tour won't be boring but will be interesting. Inside there is a mini cafe and restaurant that serves snacks for the tourists who want to chill and some souvenir shop if they want to take a piece of the Talisay Ruins with them.

The poignant color of The Ruins is only liven up by the vibrancy of the garden so to harmonize with the color balance of the place, I chose to wear this simple white dress with flower appliques that is enhanced by the lovely floral print then I added some colorful accessories to complete the look. I love how I can move breezily in this dress without being too much or too laidback for the place.
I'm so glad that I finally saw with my own two eyes the opulent Talisay Ruins. Really, it is better to see something once, than hear about it a thousand times.

And that is the end of my short but sweet vacation at Negros Occidental, I hope that my posts were able to inspire and entertain you because it is what I aim for. Thanks for reading! :)

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