Friday, January 23, 2015

Memory of a Glorious Past

I proudly present to you the highlight of my holiday vacay at Negros Occidental. The first part is my visit to Gaston Mansion/ Ancestral house or commonly known there as Balay Negrense which in Hiligaynon means the house of Negrenses.
The house was originally the ancestral house of Victor F. Gaston that was built in 1897. The heritage house that we can tour these days is actually a restored museum version but nonetheless it has still the same luxurious vibes you can feel once you step inside the mansion.
It is located inside a village I think behind the Silay Plaza where a lot of ancestral houses still resides but this one is popular to the tourists. The entrance fee is 65 pesos per adult but is cheaper for students and kids. We went there a bit early so we haven't experienced the tour that starts at 10:30 a.m.

So what we did is just to become the tourist dummies we are, LOL and take pictures of the somehow grandiose interior and furnitures of the Gastons. I'm so happy that a caretaker there started to play the piano with some melancholic music that added to the charm of the house.

 We learned that their daughter whose name I forgot was a model, muse, and beauty queen at her time. She was really beautiful as evident in her pictures upstairs. Unfortunately, the best part of the house for me is located at the second floor but is not open for photographs which is totally understandable because of the possible damage the flash can do at the old photos and some people who donated their furnitures do not want their pieces be photographed.

We just contented ourselves by looking at the vintage rooms and sala sets which I totally fell in love with.

As for my outfit, I tried my best to look very appropriate to the mood of the place which is grand and very vintage. The scarf-printed top is actually a dress I tucked into an equally romantic skirt with floral design and just right flounciness to it. The necklace I think is the cherry on top because it made my look more regal because of its golden design.

Watch out for my next post because the place where we went after is one you cannot miss when you go to Negros Occidental. Hint: the place is used at a famous Philippine teledrama just recently. Good luck guessing or just suppress your excitement and wait for my part two of Sugarlandia Escapade! :)

dress from dolce and Gabanna, skirt is vintage, shoes from Donaire