Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Ring a Bell?

I saw this huge bells before at my cousin's pictures way back our last visit here in Negros Occidental. I got jelly because I wasn't with them that time and that I don't have a picture of it as my backdrop so I thought this is my chance to do it. So on our "supposedly" last day before we go back to Manila I forced my sister to come along with me and visit this place. It was actually beside a beautiful church made of bricks but I wasn't able to take a picture of it because it's on the highway which means putting our life to risk if we do so. I was just disappointed that I have no digital memory of it, there's even a wedding at that same day! There are lots of December wedding actually on our whole stay there, romantic eh? Negros Occ. has really a lot of vintage and beautiful churches that marrying there is perfect if you prioritize the pictures and the location haha!

Anyways, I wore this matchy-matchy top and shorts and shoes. Give me a blonde hair and I'll look like playing Barbie lol! But my ombre hair suffice my lack of blonde locks. I've been addicted to hair chalk the whole time I was there that everday I will go out I should put on another color that's different from yesterday, it was just so convenient and perfect for fickle-minded kikays like me.

Lastly, I just realized it the last minute that my peplum top looked like a bell itself so I'm like the sixth bell haha!

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