Friday, January 9, 2015

Shut Up and Kiss Me

Let's have a short break first from all my vacation posts as I try to squeeze in some outfit posts I have for this current year, shall we? :)

On the second of January we went to my cousin's home just to have a mini gathering and celebration. The view from Taytay, Rizal which is actually full of hill tops is impressive especially on their church which burned some of the calories I have just from climbing up there. So I thought why not take some blog shots here. Thanks to my full of support cousin who understand my randomness and bloggger-ish behavior, he didn't hesitate to take my pictures. It was unexpected yet fun though because there's my cousin holding the camera, while the other is his phone for Instagram purposes haha! That's just how we are.

The sweater weather is still in the air and been actually getting cooler each day passed so I assumed that I would be needing a jacket. When I say jacket, it should not be just some lumpy one. Now that it's new year we all deserve an equally striking jacket like this one I have. I evokes rockstar vibes with class.

But to get away from too rocker appeal since I'm also wearing black pants that is very much needed to hide the flabs I've gained from the holiday festivities (I hope you feel it too or else you would be too unfair, lol!) I stayed away from black top and chose this quirky shirt with lips print.

It's the start of 2015 and I'm donning edgy outfits, does it mean that you'll be seeing me more like this? Well, actually nope. I actually hoarded many feminine and chic dresses already which means I'm more of a dainty lady this year. But for sure I'll be inserting some of my other sides in fashion and style so stay tuned! :)

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