Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sugarlandia Escapade

After two years, I've been able to go to my parents' hometown again, Bacolod. But unlike my past vacations there which are always on summer, we decided to have it on December and I'm excited to experience Christmas there for the first time. 
Actually I have a lot of places to go to in my mind and I even prepared beforehand by searching what I can put in my itinerary so I sincerely hope that my short vacay would be a success especially for my blog haha!
As for my outfit, I took it seriously lol! I'm just so inspired and jealous with the Korean superstars who get to be fashionable when they travel so I also had my Airport fashion moment teehee!
Like what they say, you should always look good even it dreads you to do so. But my 5:30 a.m. flight did not stop me from putting this beautiful graphic-print frock on with lacy shorts and put my hair up. Yet, comfort is a must so I opted for this pastel brogues paired with violet socks to add a touch of quirkiness to my would-be-too-fab outfit if not for the shoes.

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