Thursday, May 21, 2015


                Summer end is fast approaching but sad to say I was not able to go to any destinations or outings. So to make up for that "unfortunate situation" I try to dress up in this season's theme like this frock I wore. It has an elaborate jungle-inspired graphic print that exudes summery vibe. It is also very comfortable to move in which is a very important factor for me in choosing my outfits so I can survive the injustice heat in the Philippines.
                Chic dresses like this makes you look made up in a jiffy without the need of excessorizing. Just a statement bag like this neon clutch and pastel sandals and no one will notice that you only spend three minutes in your wardrobe to dress up. To complete my whole ensemble, a cute sunglasses cannot be forgotten, not only to look rad but for sun protection too.

Vateno dress, Pacific Blue sunglasses



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