Monday, September 28, 2015

White Lovin'

Hey guys! This must be the longest hiatus I've been not updating my blog. I'm now in my new chapter of life right now (wipe tears, lol) since my graduation (you might know my life status in Instagram if you are following me @valenciajoyces.) Since then I've been busy with various stuffs like finding job, making myself fat with pigging out while TV watching slash surfing the net- you get the idea, sigh...

Anyways, I'm now trying to amend for my overdue absence and posting this OOTD for you to read something here again haha!

Compared to my looks before which are very detailed, somehow complicated, and colorful. I am now veering towards simple and structured dressing, favoring much the neutrals, especially the black and white. They are not my favorite colors but both always come in my mind as options whenever I need to dress up. It also made my life easier since I will only have to choose whether what texture or print I would don. Funny how these colors dominated my closet now too with just handful of colorful items left haha!
With this look, the ripped jeans obviously interprets the casual vibe I'm going for. So to give it something "ME", a lacy top like this made the look work. A wholesome sheer here and there and the supposed-to-be-grudge-or-laid-back-look became sweet and girly.
Who doesn't love white shoes? Almost everyone has their own pairs, while mine are these adorable lacy sneakers. Aren't they an unexpected sweet surprise! Well, I love something different in my look so these are perfect exclamation point to my whole ensemble.

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