Friday, October 2, 2015


              It's D.I.Y time once more! This time I'm gonna show you the steps on how to make a pompom decor. This lovely thing is perfect to hang on parties like birthday, baptismal, weddings, or anywhere you want. If you're feeling vintage, girly, or preppy, then this one's for you. I think it looks great with dreamy theme that I have in mind for my room so I'm gonna do several of these.
              To start, first you have to stack eight sheets of tissue or Japanese paper of your chosen color, then accordion fold it.
              After accordion-folding the paper, cut both ends semi-circle. This will create a cute and gentle effect later on when you unfold the paper. That is if you are going for that bloom look, if not you can opt to cut the ends pointedly.
                              Next is to tie the middle of the floded paper with a craft wire or string. You can cheat with staples to save time and materials too.
                           Stretch the paper in a ribbon manner like the picture shown above.
                   You can now separate the layers, pulling away from center one at a time. Othe layer might tear as the paper is very thin and prone to tearing but it won't look obvious once the pompom is finished.
                        Voila! The other half is done, it looks like a Carnation flower. Do this on the other half to see the whole pompom decor. Tie a length of string to hang the pompom. 

                 These now hangs on my room, and every time I see my craft, I easily get relaxed as it floats, bringing an enchanting vibe. Enjoy this art project!

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