Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cool Kids

Years ago, when life was simpler I would always like to be clad in much complicated outfits, complete with layering and stuffs. But as life progresses, my taste in clothes also changed. I do not know if I just became lazy to dress up or it's just that I now understood the power of understatement.

Like the ensemble I am wearing right now, a simple yet comfortable top paired with vintage high-waist shorts and I am off to stroll the day away.

But of course my OOTD won't be complete without these gold deets. I now choose simple accessories unlike before where I dig for those big chokers, bangles, and etc. I had enough of those heavy metals (no not the music kind of thing!) I go for classic pieces that makes basics fab looking.

Polarized sunnies to complete the laid-back look.

I like this look a lot on me and come to think of it I spent less time fixing and dressing up than the usual without giving up being stylish. It is easier to move and do errands too. It's a nice transition that I can get used to but still I would be donning not so simple outfits every now and then, I just can't help it! ;)