Tuesday, November 24, 2015


I don't know how I came up with this title post, I guess because of my almost all black outfit that I linked its some sort of mysteriousness and darkness to obsession. Well, all of us have our own obsession; from simple to outrageous. How about you? What is your obsession?   

I like how these separates look like a dress but has a hint of sexiness whenever I move because of the cropped top yet the high waist skirt keeps it modest.
These cat eyes sunglasses are so dramatic and adds mysteriousness and classiness to my look.

Nothing beats a pop of lust-worthy red on a monotonous black look. It finishes off with its magical touch.

The turquoise earcuff compliments the serious look by making it more fun and rule-breaker. Playing up with accessories to make your outfit versatile is my favorite part.

 Silver shoes for the win! My look will never be boring with these too cool for school brogues.