Saturday, November 14, 2015

Save the Day



With the power bestowed upon me…
               Someone told me that phrase when he saw me wearing a cape on my top, but not just your ordinary cape but a scarf-printed one. Ironic how classy the deets on my cape when it signifies strength and power to a lot of people. While Superman chose to showcase his hero’s name initial on his cape, I opt to wear mine in such a feminine way. Matched with an equally dainty cream-colored skirt with its embossed floral design, I look so clean and elegant. Add those pointed shoes that has bipolar color combo- a dramatic crimson and delicate white; as a cherry on top to my whole ensemble.
I think I totally nailed the look I am trying to achieve which is to interpret the idea that anyone can be an invincible hero on their own way and save the day while still being innocent and fragile at the same time.