Sunday, November 1, 2015


 Finally! After months of continuous work without any vacay break, I was able to feel free again. I can’t contain my excitement when I knew that I’ll be going to Zambales for a short trip. I was able to breathe fresh air instead of city smog and see nature’s various shades of greens and blues aside from gray buildings. Yes! I can rest for a while and feel alive and anew. It only lasted for a day but I think it is enough to energize me to face my daily routine once again after this.
 Since I anticipated the walking “marathon” part and the blazing heat I decided to wear an outfit that is still OOTD-worthy but somehow comfy and casual. What else would it be, but an off-shoulder top that allowed air to seep through my skin. The floral print also helped me achieve that Coachella vibe I was going for a bit.

 While these cat eyes sunglasses finished off my look with its “don’t talk to me” drama that is perfect for a time like this where I just want to be alone and savor the peaceful moment I seldom have.

 When I was in my elementary days, I used to hoard denim skirts, then after some time I found it tacky. But here I am adoring it one more time and now I can see why not.

 These nude sandals are everything, not only is it super comfy but also ultra-chic. It can go from office to day out.

P.S. I am currently obsessed with Gakuen Alice manga and had completed reading all 180 chapters. Now I am going crazy browsing the net for an English-translated Gakuen Alice Memorial book as it reveals the epilogue of the manga. Pretty please, if you know the website link where I can found one, do comment it here or message me on Facebook or Instagram. Won’t you give this obsessed lady some love? Thanks! J