Monday, December 28, 2015

Burst of Color

2015 is at its edge of its 365 pages life book countdown.  Then out of the blue, that made me ponder what drastic decisons and actions I made that filled my experience tank on the year of the Pig. Oui, I did some worthwhile and memorable ones that enriched me as an individual but much to my chagrin, nothing too outrageous when it comes to changing my physical appearance. 

So in a split of a second I managed to color my hair red just like my internship days, the only difference is that i got my hair short then so why not try it with my long tresses now.

Here is the result. It's not the first time, yet still can't get over the fact that I have to go all over again the bathroom horrors of bloody red drips during showers and stains on clothes especially on white ones, yikes! 
I still have to retouch my hair so that I can achieve the color of red I really want but as of the moment I'm kind of adoring the incidentally ombre effect created with my hair.

Since my hair is already an eyecatcher itself, claiming the titles of Wendy's, Volta, Doll, Black Widow, Korean Drama, and other weird if not cute moniker. So upon being said that it is just befitting to wear a simple outfit to not overwhelm others too much especially the reserved ones and if I want to enter the gates of my workplace then I should do that.

I lurve how turtlenecks are making a comeback. They are so classic that it can be paired with whatever piece a girl can have in her closet. Good thing that they are now made with justice by adjusting the fabric and sleeves lengths that will fit the temp here in the Philippines. The one i'm wearing here has that cheerful vibe going on because of its juicy orange color. I pared it down with a nude pleated skirt.
Never too old to wear a bagpack especially with an adorable design such as this colorful graphic horse print.
Of course I can't resist wearing accessories even just a bit no matter how I try to make my ensembles simple and less. Well it won't be a crime to wear a lovely sunglasses and fancy-schmancy watch with map design, if it is then I'll gladly accept the punishment. Just kidding!

I feel so school girl with my look so I made it more casual with these loafers with metal cap toe. The deets are undeniably chic and interesting, isn't it?

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