Saturday, January 2, 2016

Little Cafe

                    At the day of countdown to NYE, there I was sitting pretty in the cozy couch of this charming café with my bae, Claudine. It was not usual for me to go anywhere else aside from home during December 31 as it is the busiest time of preparation for welcoming the New Year. But this time was an exemption because I did a lot of catching up with my bestie that I've last seen like months ago but oh boy, it felt like decade already.

                       So the mini reunion was so worth it because at least we've got to see our faces again before 2015 ended. Anyways, one advantage of going out at that time was that we get to own the place since less people are visiting. Like this café that we seemingly had the chance to explore each corner I guess for some IG and blog-worthy shots. With its adorable and modern design, I just couldn't resist but strike a pose just like the old times whenever I'm with my girl. Oh, how I miss our moments.

                             The place is also perfect for chilling out, group studies, or even to just grab a snack. I just so lurve the whimsical decals for the interiors and its subtle colors with some hint of cheerful colors to give it a punch of playfulness and modern take.

                Would you take time to guess some stranger's life or maybe wait until you spot a cutie outside, hmm?

                        As for my last OOTD for 2015, I decided to look cute and young by donning a jumper shorts but injecting some lady-like appeal into it with an off-shoulder top. Then some classy pointed shoes are the perfect touch of sexiness into my youthful ensemble with some red details to match my hair.

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