Sunday, February 21, 2016

Give Them Cake

Whenever I indulge on sweet pastries I always think of Marie Antoinette’s obsession and her fancy tea parties.

Being sweet tooth we are, unlimited cakes and coffee is like a honey for us bees. The craving is strong we can’t help but ruin our non-existent diet haha!

The Unlimited Cake and Coffee promo of The Coffee Beanery inside the Jeepney restaurant in Summit Ridge, Tagaytay is being offered for only 250 pesos. They usually serve Carrot Cake, Devil Cake, Sansrival, and Double Choco Cake.

The coffee was served to us after 10 minutes while the cake was produced a bit fast. Since we are expecting sweetness overload, we preferred to keep our coffee black or with creamer only minus the sugar to neutralize every cake we put in our mouths haha!

We’re on a mission to eat as much slices we can but failed to do so because the waiter gave us Dulce de Leche which icing is too sweet and creamy. We really got excited at first because it was another option for us aside from the usual. But we were tricked, I think haha! They smelled our fishy plan to devour their cakes haha!

But we ain’t giving up, after that we still forced ourselves to indulge on our favorite, the Devil’s Cake. Boy, was it so heaven with its moist texture, light and just right sweetness of icing, and of course the devilish chocolate flavor. It stands to its name with justice. 

In the end, my friend and I enjoyed it. More if we did not feel the urge to get the cakes out our system and it is the Dulce de Leche to blame. But now I'm craving for Devil's cake, it is really a devil you know. You must try it there, I swear.




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