Tuesday, February 23, 2016

I'm Mint For You



Last week was the Art Fair Philippines event. Since I can't go there at that time I contented myself with searching for art museum near my place that would give me the same satisfaction.
I discovered Museo Orlina through a friend and upon stepping my feet there, I knew I was in for a creative treat. For only a hundred pesos you can experience being an art spectator mediums like paintings, sculptures and many  more.
The internationally acclaimed Ramon Orlina, showcased his artistry when it comes to glass sculpture. He escalated the appreciation of the glass aside from its usual function to a amazing work of arts. You can really see his passion through his arts.
If you want to see and feel it for yourselves, you may visit Museum Orlina from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm. The museum is located at Hollywood Subdivision Road., Brgy. Tolentino East, Hollywood Subd.,Tagaytay City

I came there in my mint-colored coordinates which my friend said looks like Sailormoon at backview. I guess the trumpet skirt made it look like that haha!
I feel so Barbie girl because of all the pastel going on my outfit. Good thing, my dark violet hair prevented m from looking too much of it.
I think since collge, this is the only time I colored my hair dark, mostly it were brown, blonde, and even red, all warm tones. At first I thought I looked matured and the color is too strong for my resting bitch face but then a little playtime with my hair won't hurt.
To complete the dolled up OOTD I wore my pink brogues and fox-face sling bag. Nothing so serious for now. :)

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