Sunday, February 7, 2016


Not long ago when I would shy myself away from dark colored outfits especially when paired with equally dark to black lippies. It feels so different from my style before thinking that it is actually creepy to some point.

But defying my resistance to change, I now can’t stop sporting this kind of look. I now see it as more of sultry and mysterious rather than old-looking. I guess I’ve up grown my very bright colors/ pastel loving self and I now appreciates a more mature approach of style.

IDK with how you see this outfit but it somehow gives a vintage feel for me. The turtleneck fad last year was still carried up to 2016 with its versatility to suit any style from one peg to another. Good thing it was really cold that time in Tagaytay so I did not break a sweat.

The truth is I have an intimate affair with maroon, it is just so elegant whilst still being edgy. So for these brogues I wore, you are L-O-V-E.

The only accessories I wore aside from my watch (watches, I think are so necessary that if I have to glue it on my skin, then I would LOL.) was this layered necklace that amp up my basic game.
This quilted leather skirt was so chic yet so tough, urgh I’m in love with it. It gave warmth somehow. So “it” being so short was already forgiven.
        I’m so glad my hair wass still red at the time I don this look. It adds to the appeal I’m going for. 



The moral lesson of this story kids is to not be so adamant with everything. Give yourself a chance to embrace the new things coming your way. I know it can be hard but time, courage, and perseverance are the key. I know I’m speaking so deep just for fashion but duh, I’m really speaking in general life, haha!
 Anyways, I treated my mom that day to a date in Tagaytay. We were craving for something Japanese so we ended up eating at Rai Rai Ken. We ordered their combo meal that consist of a bowl of Ramen, Donburi, Gyoza, and some appetizers to complete the heavy serving. Ours were happy tummies after the gastronomic lunch.

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