Sunday, February 21, 2016

Vanilla and A Cat

If I ask you if you miss my cute side of dressing up, would you say yes?
For those who are looking for my kawaii OOTD then this post hopefully will make your day!

Pinafores are toddlers’ basic outfit and are moms’ best friend for its convenience to wear and no-fuss on thinking what to pair it with. Anything goes perfectly with pinafores as long as it not longsleeves with red stripes the “Chuckie” style haha!

Luckily fasyon adults can rock the overalls without looking like a child because it now comes in different forms and styles. With right mixing and matching, you can score an A-plus on the fashion department.
Don’t you find mine so adorbs?!? This little kitty print on my pinafore is just so darn charming, I can’t help but feel so cutesie all the way.

I went on the breezy Tagaytay last week and even though Summer is upcoming there is no way you can go there wearing skimpy clothes without getting the chills. That is why I love to take advantage of the cool temp of the place and bring out my A-game with layering.

How cozy can a turtleneck get? This white as vanilla ice cream turtleneck top made my stay at Tagaytay bearable at least. I guess my lower body is more immune to coldness than my upper half haha! It also balanced my too covered upper body. So, donning short dress kept me from looking stout.
There’s no doubt that I’ll choose pastels on my bags and shoes just to keep the fresh and sweet vibe I’m going for.
Pinafore from Oasap; Turtleneck is thrifted

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