Monday, March 21, 2016

Panagbenga 2016

Last day is my favourite part of the whole trip. I did not see the street dance competition but was able to see the Float Parade. It’s like the Rose Parade in America, Baguio-version where the floats are fully adorned with flowers and plants according to their themes.
We arrived a bit late so we had to position ourselves on the road side where the view is not good to take pictures but is still okay for viewing. I find it amusing when the kids are made to sit on the side of the parade since they are just small but when even adults started to climb also, that’s when the crowd booed them to get down. There is no major commotion but when there is an event like that, utter respect and discipline from everyone is required for a successful celebration that everyone could enjoy.

 The joyous parade was very entertaining because the winners of the street dancing competition performed and of course the impressive floats of different cities and sponsor brands. Some celebrities also participated like the MELASON loveteam and the main highlight which is Coco Martin, Maja Salvador, and other casts from the TV show, Ang Probinsyano. I must say, Coco is really cute, teehee!
I was not able to take great pictures and I badly want to because as they say, if there is no picture, it did not happen. But after many failed attempts, I just contented myself with just watching. Then I realized that I enjoyed it more because I get to really feel the vibe of what’s happening around and in front of me instead of focusing on my camera. It’s best to capture the scene with your very own eyes and store it on your memory. Live by the moment!
My First Baguio experience is totally awesome but I regret that I wasn’t able to visit the famous Bencab Museum. Sagada sounds nice too, isn’t it? Oh well, there’s always next time and like what they say, It’s sweeter the second time around.

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