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Postcards from Baguio

Stella Vest, Uniqlo Turtleneck Top, Penshoppe Jeans,  

Fresh from my Baguio trip, I’m gonna share with you guys some bits and pieces of my experience as a first-timer. Warning, the content is quite long because I’m squeezing the first two of my three days vacay into one blog post only. Still, I hope you finish it till the last word. J
My stay there was really a pleasant one. Even though almost every corner of the place’s tourist spots were crowded with tourists like me, from their famous attractions like Burnham Park and Mines View to the Buddhist Temple; Bell Church Tower.

Baguio, hailed as Philippines’ Summer Capital, is one of the most visited in our country because of its cold temperature that Filipinos find as an escape from our tropical climate. But aside from that said reason, last week was a peak season since it’s the time for the Panagbenga Festival 2016! It is being celebrated every year by the locals to give thanks for their prosperous harvest of fruits, vegetables, crops, and flowers which the place is also known for.  A population of the locals get their source of income from it.

Before I spill the happenings on the awaited Float Parade which is one of the highlight of the celebration, (it will be on a separate blogpost.) let me divulge you the partial chronicle of my trip. J

So the five and half hour uncomfortable land trip of course made my butt hurt from the long duration of sitting and cause me an inconvenient sleepless night. But in every pain there is a gain so I just focused on my thoughts on what will happen on my first Baguio experience. I know the cost will all be worth it.

First day was a chock full of events and everything in our itinerary was followed with an additional place I discovered aside from the usual tourist spots you would search over the net about Baguio.

First we visit was the Bell Church Tower located going La Trinidad if I can remember correctly. Oh, another good thing for tourists in Baguio is that commuting is easy as 1, 2, 3 because they mostly have taxis that is so convenient for direction dummy like me. The fare is low since they don’t use air conditioners anymore because well, there’s no need for it. Even their establishments such as malls don’t use one. Anyways, the Buddhist Temple we went to will not be found in the mountains but in the busy city.

Unfortunately, the bell tower was closed at that time because people can only enter during weekends and holidays. It was a disappointment on our part yet the ground is more than okay for us to take some pictures and the temple is open for worship so the visit is still worth it.

I’m so lucky that my OOTD became so on fleek because it matches the color of the place. It’s just that I kind of didn’t expect it to be that cold since summer is just around the corner. But oh boy, it’s still chilly that time especially when it comes afternoon. So my turtleneck with long vest ensemble is not a bad idea but I needed more layers to stay cozy. What saved me is all the walking we did so at least I warmed up without a sweat, and that’s another one I love about Baguio. I could move around while still being fresh.

Many tourists have worn shorts and alike and you know what, I’m so jealous of them because they got to show off their legs. But I shouldn’t be complaining as if I have a mile long legs but to think that they can endure the temp is so impressive lol! Anyways, enough of sulking, for my OOTD I opted for my comfy knee-ripped jeans paired with white sneakers that made my ensemble more casual.

Second on our plan was the Mines View. There are lots of people but I won’t lose with the situation, I still got to enjoy what it has to offer, haha! As expected from a park, there are lots of stuffs sold there from plants, foods, and souvenirs.
What’s unique about the park is there options of activities lined up for you. I paid a measly 20 pesos for a chance to dress like the Ifugao locals and walked around and took some pictures for souvenir. I had so much fun with it because the fee was so affordable yet it is for unlimited time.

Another was to ride a horse for only three shots for 50 pesos. For me, the price is quite high considering you only have a counted shots but since we’re already there, why not try it. At least, I had a memory for keeps, promote the tourism, and help the locals earn. I guess the horses are more high maintenance, haha!
There’s also a big and cute St. Bernard dog ready to strike a pose and smile with you for 50 pesos too. I didn’t try it since I’m already too hungry, haha!

We headed to a hole in the wall café around the vicinity we only knew because of the staff yelling delicious food with good view. We got curious and listened to our grumbling tummies so we climb upstairs and we were surprised to see the ambience. The place is hidden so we expected it to be like the other normal eateries on the ground but this one is quaint yet the view was really nice like what they beamed. The great thing about them is the price of their food. For only 80 pesos you can have a generous serving of pasta or 2 pieces of sandwich with camote fries. Their pancits that can feed 3-4 persons are only for 150-180 pesos. They also serve rice for affordable prices. What more can you ask for?
We ended our tour in the Burnham Park, where physical activities like swan boat riding and biking can be enjoyed. Many food stalls and tiangge that sells clothes and other stuffs were there but since it is Panagbenga Festival, there is a display of Flower arrangements.
Second day did not go well with the plan because we were supposed to go to the La Presa but the taxi driver told us it was already closed and tourists cannot pass there aside from it is very far. So we did not continue on our way there and also on the Strawberry Farm since our other companions who already went there said there were not much strawberries that time. Instead of wasting time over spilled milk we just went shopping on what they call Wagwagan on Block Four Market. It’s a thrift shop that sells second hand and new clothes especially jackets. I scored a very chic poncho and a floppy hat for such a bargain.
There were lot of scarves also sold there and oh boy, I got dizzy with all the print choices they have.
H&M Turtleneck Top, Penshoppe jeans


 I'm digging my second day look. For me, it's very chic and classic because you'll never go wrong with black, EVER! I just added this sophisticated scarf for a pop of color without exaggerating it. I had a jacket with me to the rescue when temp gets too low for me to handle. The jacket would instantly make my outfit more casual if I decided to layer it on my ebony ensemble from top to boots, yeah with its gold deets.
You know what, when travelling and there will be times you would have to commute sometimes it is also better to have a huge bag than a small purse. If in case it will ruin your outfit then at least have an eco bag with you. I swear, you will need it when shopping is inevitable and for when you just feel like throwing some thingamajigs in your bag. The one I had my whole trip is so lifesaver as it held my jacket when I don't feel like using it and of course the bulky camera.
Another tour on Burnham Park for some shopping and our second day is done but not of course without a serving of their exclusive yummy strawberry taho. That is the perfect and sweet way to end the day.

Night fell and another well spent day happened. We are restless but very much accomplished and satisfied with how our little excursion went. Going back to our transient with this kind of view awaiting for us is just “wow!”. These bright lights are from the homes of the locals situated in the used-to-be mountains. Just like in Santorini but more of a Baguio-style just the way it should be.

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