Friday, April 8, 2016

Venice Piazza

Listed in my Bucket List is to travel and explore the world. So while I am still trying to work my ass off to earn and spend big time I would take each opportunity to at least experience even a bit of it less money involved. Can I do that here in the Philippines? Oh, yes! But how is that possible?

     One country that makes it to my top dream destinations is Italy. Without needing a passport, Visa, and a plane ticket I can have a feel of Venice’s famous Garand Canal. Thanks to Mckinley Hill, Taguig’s own version for visitor’s recreation.

                    The place clearly wants to take you to Venice with their almost true to believe architectural and luxurious interior and exterior design. You can even feed birds at the mock plaza while angelic voices serenades you with Italian opera songs. The music they bring fills the whole place and might even give you goose bumps. While the colorful palette painted on the structures are really pleasing to the eyes.

                 Venice would not be Venice if not for its historical Grand Canal so the duplication of it is the highlight of the Mall.

People flock there not just to enjoy the food offered by some restaurants (others are Italian-themed also with their own impressive adornments.) there but of course to take a glimpse of the impressive imitation and take a picture with it as a background. Others even fool others that they have really gone to Venice, haha!

                The only thing that makes the spot incomplete is the Gondola ride which they already have but will be operational not until December. If not for the lack of it then it will be close to perfect as if you really made a touchdown to Italy. The mall is still new but a lot are already planned to further improve it for it so we better watch out! Shopaholics will love it also as many stores are lined up to open there.

                  As for my outfit, well I just want to somehow pattern it to the royal clothes worn then.  With my see-through sleeves with gold intricate embroidery top and lacy shorts I could blend well with the view. My peg was the men’s ensembles sans the tights and puffs. Karir, no? Haha!
                Hope you enjoy my adventure, ciao!

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