Thursday, May 5, 2016


The daybreak approached and the sun rises to acknowledge the new day. I welcomed it walking in the white sandy shore of Puerto Galera clad in black and white ensemble.

It was beach perfect because of the one piece and lacy shorts but the added details like the chic cover up and turban was inspired by the Desert scene in Sex and City 3 Movie I watched. I was amazed on how Carrie and her squad rocked their complicated outfit in style even in the middle of the desert. I mean they don’t need to since simpler clothes are more practical to wear there but being who they are they still made it their runway.

But unlike them, I don’t need any elaborate pieces to compete with my beautiful nature background as it just enhances the neutral color of my outfit. Then some metallic tattoos to add sparkle to compensate for the accessories you can choose to avoid when water is just around the corner, you know what I mean, right?

I like how I looked classy and sexy in my own way without having to stick myself to wear the usual slinky two piece swimsuits when you are in the beach. It’s just how you carry yourself and believe that you look gorgeous anyways, darlings! :*

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