Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Hearty Plate

Imagine yourself being lulled to sleep at 3:00 in the afternoon and you can’t fight back your eyes from getting heavy; betraying you from pretending to be working hard during office or class hours, LOL.
But then that is my daily dilemma. Though I try to combat it with coffee, the good ol’ remedy known to every mankind. I got bored drinking my 3-in-1 at our plain Jane pantry in the office. Desiring to chill in a place with a good ambience for a total R&R experience even for just a minute break.
Imagine how giddy I got when I heard about the enticing news that there will be a new resident café just within the building where our office is located.
Happy Plate Café, just the sound of the name makes my tummy grumble and crave for some coffee. We went there at their soft opening for some latte and snack.
Upon taking a peek at their shop, my smile were like from ear to ear because of what I saw. They had me at their chic and minimalist interior design. White walls with wood furnitures? Yup, I’m a sucker for that. Added with banana leaf painting at one side of the wall which only disappointed me a little since it was covered with the aircon. I was thinking of seeing more of the design.

Their kitchen board was adorned with various cute knick knacks and wall decors with sayings.
Their menu is chalk-written in their blue wooden board. While there is a blank board with wood pegs. I am assuming it will be for some picture posts or calligraphy ones because the owner is into it.

We ordered Matcha Latte (70 Pesos) with cute heart art and Cappuccino (85 Pesos) matched with Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Caprese (both 85 Pesos). Of course, always have a room for dessert, Carrot Cupcake (50 Pesos) is very much welcome in the food gang.
Their sandwiches are heaven on my mouth with its gooey cheese. Prices of the food were cheap too compared to other cafes and reasonable for the taste and ambience.
Now that Hearty Plate Café is just some floor below our office, there will be no sleepy afternooon anymore for me!

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